Man arrested for drunk driving on way to court for DUI

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Some circumstances in life can leave some people in a downward spiral. Some circumstances can seem impossible to recover from, including those that result in arrests. Unfortunately, drunk driving offenses are often repeated and a difficult cycle for some individuals to avoid. Despite seemingly impossible circumstances to recover from, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys can advise on the best approach to any defense even in what may appear to be a terrible circumstance. One man has recently found himself in a difficult situation when he was arrested while driving to defend himself for a previous criminal offense.

The 66-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Field sobriety tests were performed as well as a blood draw to test his blood alcohol level. Unfortunately, it was not his first conflict with the law involving a DUI.

Allegedly, the man confessed during his arrest that he was traveling to court for a previous DUI hearing. The man was arrested last fall for alleged drunk driving. The current arrest resulted in new charges, but the new charges are more serious considering he was apparently driving with a suspended license.

Drunk driving can result in serious consequences. In some cases, serious injuries and/or death can occur if a motor vehicle accident results from the actions of an impaired driver. In cases similar to this one where an accident does not occur, a driver can be subject to serious consequences if convicted of the criminal charges. Criminal defense attorneys in Pennsylvania can help form a defense strategy for the best possible outcome in a bad situation in hopes of achieving a favorable result that safeguards the client’s future. 

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