Missing meatballs results in Pennsylvania man charged with theft

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Criminal defense attorneys can probably attest to a wide variety of clients with an assortment of things they may have been accused of stealing. Typically, people steal things that signify wealth like money, accessories, vehicles and other objects considered of high value. One Pennsylvania man has been accused of stealing something of lesser value and is not even a permanent object. He has been charged with theft for allegedly stealing meatballs.

The 48-year-old man was reportedly spotted with red sauce on his face and clothing by the neighbor making the accusations. Upon entering his home, the neighbor claims to have found his meatballs missing. He alerted authorities that he thought a crime had been committed.

Authorities did investigate and found the suspect in his home. Although the alleged meatball thief and accuser are neighbors, they apparently live miles apart. After finding the alleged stolen pot lacking the meatballs, the suspect was arrested and charged with burglary, criminal trespassing and theft by unlawful taking. The meatballs could not be found. Apparently, the man had an active warrant for a separate prior incident, though the details of the prior charges are unknown.

Although it may seem overboard to many that fines or jail time could be possible for allegedly stealing something like meatballs, it is possible — particularly amid accusations of burglary and criminal trespass. Even a seemingly minor theft such as this one can wreak havoc on someone’s personal life if found guilty of the charges. Individuals who are facing charges can rely upon the advice of an experienced attorney in Pennsylvania, and should consider consulting with one at the first opportunity following an arrest.

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