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Truck accidents: Chain reaction crash closes interstate for hours

Many victims of accidents are unaware of the impact injuries can have on their lives. Because of the larger size of the vehicle, truck accidents can particularly result in lasting physical and financial complications for victims. Unfortunately, several Pennsylvania commuters were part of a chain-reaction collision following the crash of a large dump truck.

When thoughts on drinking in college lead to DUI

When you arrived on campus at Penn State, you may or may not have ever consumed alcohol in your life up to that point. If you had, hopefully you were of legal age to do so. It's no secret that students often spend free time in college socializing with friends on or off campus. Many times, such gatherings include alcohol. The more you research about college drinking ahead of time, the better prepared you'll be to make informed decisions when the time comes.  

When Bicycle Meets Car

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were 840 cyclists killed in motor vehicle crashes recently. Most of those collisions occurred at highway intersections or on the roadway.

Man loses thousands to scam and is charged with theft

Money scams have been around for a long time, and new ways to con money out of victims are created frequently. In recent years, some scammers have formulated a scheme in which they convince victims to send them money in order to receive a larger payout of some sort. One Pennsylvania man is one of the many that have fallen prey to a scam and has recently been charged with theft due to his involvement.

Pennsylvania DOT clinics hope to prevent motorcycle accidents

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is concerned about the safety of motorcycle riders and has developed a series of clinics to promote their safety. The Pennsylvania DOT is concerned that motorcycle accidents can result in devastating and tragic results for a rider. It hopes that many riders will participate in the clinics to refine their skills and heighten their awareness of potential hazards.


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