Pennsylvania DOT clinics hope to prevent motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is concerned about the safety of motorcycle riders and has developed a series of clinics to promote their safety. The Pennsylvania DOT is concerned that motorcycle accidents can result in devastating and tragic results for a rider. It hopes that many riders will participate in the clinics to refine their skills and heighten their awareness of potential hazards.

Multiple clinics are being offered across the state and will be operated by certified instructors. Different levels of clinics are also planned to include opportunities for beginners, intermediate and expert riders. To promote participation, all clinics are offered for free, although different personal gear is required for some programs. Although most clinics require a permit or motorcycle license to participate, some beginner clinics are offered to assist potential riders to obtain a license.

The clinics have multiple goals. The Pennsylvania DOT hopes that new and experienced riders will increase their knowledge and in the process also learn to identify potential hazards as they ride. In addition, some clinics will test and help riders improve their skill of operating and handling their bike in order to prevent unnecessary accidents.

One of the clinics aims to specifically assist more experienced riders to learn to safely swerve their motorcycle in order to avoid danger. Riders who are able to master safely swerving when other motorists in larger vehicles unexpectedly cross their paths may be able to avoid horrific and tragic motorcycle accidents. If all safety precautions are taken but an accident still occurs, riders may be able to find some legal recourse through a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. A personal injury attorney in Pennsylvania can review the circumstances of a case and advise accordingly.

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