Man arrested for drunk driving while operating golf cart

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

There are often jokes about bicycle-mounted police officers’ ability to stop larger, faster motor vehicles when traffic offenses may have occurred. In the same sense, it would seem ridiculous to evade police officers while traveling in a golf cart. Although it is not the typical vehicle one would imagine getting pulled over in, people in Pennsylvania can experience driving violations while operating a golf cart, including drunk driving. Two men from another state were in town enjoying the festivities of Blue-White weekend when they suddenly found themselves facing serious traffic violations from driving a golf cart.

While patrolling, two officers spotted the men driving a golf cart. When the men approached a stop sign, the officers claim that they did not stop and drove through. In addition, the men also allegedly noticed the officer’s vehicle lights attempting to pull them over following the traffic violation but continued to drive away.

As expected, the officers caught up with the golf cart, pulled the two men over and performed field sobriety tests. Reportedly, the officers observed slurred speech and the inability to follow many simple commands. The two 23-year-old men also allegedly claimed to have thought the golf cart was a perk of their Airbnb rental, but one man admitted that he took the golf cart without the owner’s permission. The men have both been charged with felonies and misdemeanors, and the driver of the golf cart has been charged with drunk driving.

Although the circumstances may appear to be humorous to outsiders, individuals who have faced criminal charges such as drunk driving understand that is not a laughing matter. Pennsylvania attorneys can help charged individuals develop a defense strategy to secure an outcome will have as little effect on their future as possible. Even if a conviction cannot be avoided, attorneys can assist clients with understanding the benefits potential plea deals offered by the prosecution.

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