Pennsylvania man charged with assault following police chase

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Adrenaline is a powerful hormone produced by the human body. It has been known to provide individuals with strength or endurance that he or she did not know existed in the midst of an emergency. On the opposite spectrum, adrenaline coupled with fear can lead to poor judgment and irrational reactions. One Pennsylvania man may have been influenced by his hormones when his alleged actions led to aggravated assault charges.

In the middle of the day, the 19-year-old man was being served a warrant for arrest for undisclosed charges when he apparently sped off in his truck away from the officers. Officers have accused the man of speeding during the chase. The chase lasted for nine miles, though no one was injured in the process. 

Once the authorities were able to get close to the man’s vehicle, he allegedly attempted to crash his truck into the troopers’ vehicles. He eventually crashed his truck and attempted to flee on foot in nearby woods. He was soon apprehended, arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

When examining assault cases, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys will examine all evidence collected in a case to help build a proper defense strategy with a client. Attorneys are aware that any conviction of assault at a young age can impact person’s future and will work to negotiate the best options for the least impact on the individual.  Because convicted individuals may experience difficulty finding employment, hinder education opportunities, rental properties, volunteering and more, attorneys will fight to achieve the best outcome possible based on the evidence in the case. 

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