Man takes daughter to eat ice cream; instead charged with assault

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Assault |

Recently, a Pennsylvania man took his daughter to get some ice cream at a Dairy Queen. Instead of enjoying some cold ice-cream on a hot day, he found himself in need of a criminal defense attorney. He has been charged with aggravated assault and other serious charges.

As the 30-year-old man was attempting to order ice cream with his 4-year-old daughter near the cash register, employees became concerned. They reported that he appeared to be falling asleep standing up and was incoherent at times. Dairy Queen employees decided it was in the girl’s best interest to call the authorities. Once authorities arrived, they allegedly observed the man’s pinpoint pupils, slurred speech, staggering walk and sluggish appearance.

Reportedly, once authorities began to place the man under arrest, he became combative and decided to run. Outside of the Dairy Queen, he allegedly attacked an officer before running a second time. He later was found at another family member’s home after leaving his daughter alone at the Dairy Queen. He allegedly resisted arrest a third time. He recently appeared in court for the three counts of aggravated assault, public drunkenness, endangering the welfare of a child, disarming a law enforcement officer and several other serious charges.

When an individual ends up in a situation where criminal assault charges are stacked, it can feel like a hopeless situation. All individuals are entitled to the opportunity to secure a skilled criminal defense attorney to defend a client’s case and advocate for his or her rights. Some individuals may find some or all of their charges dismissed with the assistance of a skilled Pennsylvania attorney, and others may find an attorney to be helpful to understand the best approach to negotiating sentencing terms if a conviction seems likely.