Motorcycle accidents: Rider dies after collision with police car

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Spring is in the air, making it the perfect temperature to be outside and enjoy nature. Motorcycle riding typically increases this time of year due to the warm weather and favorable driving conditions. Unfortunately, increased riding also results in more motorcycle accidents. Sadly, a Pennsylvania rider recently lost his life when he collided with an unmarked police car.  

The motorcycle rider was apparently headed southbound when it crashed into an unmarked police car. The police car was apparently in the area making routine traffic stops. Both drivers may have been unaware of the other up until the moment of the crash because witnesses state that no sounds of brake screeching were heard.

Although he was injured himself, witnesses state that the officer immediately attempted to help the rider. Unfortunately, the bike rider could not be helped and he died. At this time, authorities are still investigating the crash and have not determined what may have caused it.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are often more complicated than other vehicle accidents. Riders have a stereotype for being risky, reckless and speeding, and although all investigations should be objective, sometimes it does not always occur. Victims or families of deceased victims may benefit from having an experienced Pennsylvania attorney examine the collected evidence in a case. If appropriate and if the negligence of another driver appears to exist, an attorney may suggest a lawsuit in civil court. Lawsuits sometimes bring families closure and may also result in compensation to help cover medical and burial expenses.

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