Pennsylvania school bus driver arrested for drunk driving

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Sometimes actions appear to be defiance when in reality they are not. One Pennsylvania bus driver was recently conflicted with choosing to obey the orders of police and the policy for school bus drivers. Because she attempted to follow her employer’s policy, she has been arrested for resisting arrest. Unfortunately, her legal matters are more complicated because the officer also suspected she may have been drunk driving.

The bus was pulled over by an officer when a bus headlight was observed to be out. While discussing the issue with the bus driver, the police officer claims that the driver admitted to being aware of the malfunctioning light. The driver was asked to exit the bus, but she refused. A student was still on board, and policy dictated that she remain on the bus as long as students are present. She eventually got off the bus after being informed that an arrest was imminent.

Once she exited the bus, authorities report noticing signs of intoxication. The woman allegedly exhibited glassy eyes, slurred speech, shaky voice, was sweaty and had a burn on one of her arms. She was arrested and was charged with child endangerment, resisting arrest, DUI and operating a vehicle without lights. After she was arraigned, she was sent to jail, but she posted her $7,500 bail the next day.

Drunk driving, especially when children are involved, is taken seriously in every state. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania can be imperative to an individual’s defense. Evidence continues to be collected during questioning following an arrest, and most people benefit from the advice of an attorney from the very beginning.

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