Truck accidents: Distracted driving resulted in death

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

With the popular and common use of smartphones, distracted driving has become a major concern to many, including authorities and lawmakers. Many states, including Pennsylvania, have passed laws making it illegal to operate and use a cell phone while driving, but it continues to occur, resulting in car and truck accidents. A truck driver was recently charged with felony homicide following a fatal accident he was involved in last fall, and he has been accused of using his cell phone just prior to the accident. 

The 34-year-old man was operating a tractor-trailer last year when he ran into the back of a motorcycle. The accident resulted in serious injuries for the 56-year-old bike rider, and he did not survive. At the time of the accident, the truck driver claimed to have been distracted by a nearby construction job.

In a recent hearing, evidence was presented that the truck driver was allegedly distracted by a football game he was watching on his phone. His truck was equipped with a dash cam, and a reflection of the game can be seen in the video as well as the commentary of the game heard by authorities. In addition, the prosecution presented evidence that multiple text messages were sent out while the driver was operating the truck.

Because of their large size, trucks can result in considerable damage to another person’s vehicle as well as their person. As in this case, many do not survive truck accidents, and families are left with unexpected grief. Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are experienced with handling claims with truck companies and can assist families through the process.