Truck accidents: Motorcycle rider pinned under truck

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Traffic comes to a standstill in Pennsylvania for numerous reasons. Debris in the road, wayward pedestrians, accidents and rubberneck drivers trying to glimpse something or someone nearby are all reasons traffic may be delayed. Unfortunately, many truck accidents are the reason for traffic jams and can result in serious injuries for any victims. A recent traffic jam has left one motorcycle rider injured after a serious crash with a tractor-trailer. 

The accident occurred on a recent afternoon. Witnesses were not clear about what events may have led to the accident, but some report that the road is narrow and dangerous. At some point, the tractor-trailer and a motorcycle crashed. 

As a result of the crash, the motorcycle rider and bike became trapped under one of the tractor-trailer’s wheels. Witnesses assume that the rider likely suffered injuries, but there has been no report on his or her condition or the seriousness of any injuries suffered. Investigators were forced to close the road for five hours as they collected evidence and pieced together the details preceding the accident. 

Truck accidents such as this one can be difficult for victims to process. Not only are the accidents overwhelming, but victims may find handling a claim with a truck company to be complicated. Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are experienced to handle claims following an accident as well as any discussions with truck companies. Attorneys are also familiar with the multiple ways truck companies and drivers may violate established traffic laws and regulations that may result in an accident, which can often support a victim’s claim.