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Which dogs bite most often and why

Would you consider yourself among those in Pennsylvania who call themselves dog lovers? If not, perhaps you relate more to the people who say they like the idea of having a dog, but not all the work that goes along with the reality of it. Whether or not you personally own a dog, you're likely to come in close vicinity to one at some time or other in your daily life. Dogs are as different from one another as each human being is from another.  

Man charged with drunk driving after crashing into house

In today's society, there are cameras everywhere. Vehicles, homes businesses and people now often have cameras. Camera footage and documentation can be an asset to a defense case or an asset to the prosecution's case. No matter which side it benefits, a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can advise an arrested individual on the best defense strategy. One man was recently accused of drunk driving, and security footage captures his vehicle crashing into a brick house.

Truck accidents: Crash injures construction worker

It is a necessity for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to keep roadways safe and functional every year. The PennDOT estimates that 100 different projects occur all over the state every year. In the process, traffic typically is able to continue traveling as roadwork takes place, but accidents are not uncommon in a construction zone. People who have been involved in truck accidents may be interested in a recent accident involving a tractor-trailer and a construction vehicle.

The effectiveness of DUI checkpoints in Pennsylvania

Checkpoints are designed for the purpose of catching individuals who may be driving drunk, but there are many in Pennsylvania who disagree with their effectiveness and dispute their benefits. A recent checkpoint in Harrisburg that stopped 475 cars resulted in just two arrests for drunk driving. There are varying opinions about why there were so few arrests compared to the total number of cars stopped.

Driving in or near Penn State? Issues that may lead to a DUI stop

Life in a college town can be adventurous and fun. If you're a student at Penn State, life is likely also very challenging at times, especially regarding trying to keep up with your studies and make the grade. It's understandable that you try to fit rest and relaxation in with your academics and that you enjoy spending your free time socializing with your friends.  

Truck accidents: Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike results in injury

There are numerous reasons why a vehicle may have the need to pull over and park on the shoulder of a busy highway or freeway. A crying baby, a flat tire, engine trouble or medical emergency are all many reasons that may necessitate the need for a driver to make the decision to pull over to the shoulder. Most drivers who have stopped on the shoulder of a busy road would likely attest that they would wait to the nearest exit if they could, because of the danger of all the fast moving vehicles near their stopped vehicle. Sadly, a van driver who had to park on the side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was unaware that he or she would be involved in one of the area's serious truck accidents.

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