Man charged with drunk driving after crashing into house

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

In today’s society, there are cameras everywhere. Vehicles, homes businesses and people now often have cameras. Camera footage and documentation can be an asset to a defense case or an asset to the prosecution’s case. No matter which side it benefits, a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can advise an arrested individual on the best defense strategy. One man was recently accused of drunk driving, and security footage captures his vehicle crashing into a brick house.

The events proceeding the crash into the house are reported by authorities. Authorities state they noticed the man speeding on a Pennsylvania highway. They claim that he was clocked at driving 80 miles per hour, and the man’s vehicle was not listed as registered. When they attempted to pull the man over, the man instead fled.

While allegedly fleeing the cops, the man exited the interstate. The next reports come from security film footage showing the man’s vehicle driving over a hill and crashing into a brick house. Despite the dramatic crash, the driver was not reported as injured. After he crawled out of the sunroof, he was promptly handcuffed, the footage shows. The man is currently in custody facing DUI charges and a $2,500 bail.

Pennsylvania authorities take drunk driving seriously. Even in cases where authorities have evidence such as video footage, it is wise for the accused to have the advice of a defense attorney. Criminal defense attorneys are experienced with examining collected evidence, understanding arrest procedures and understanding how to negotiate with prosecuting attorneys. In cases that a guilty verdict cannot be avoided, attorneys can advise on plea deals that may be the most favorable to a client’s future.