Truck accidents: Crash injures construction worker

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

It is a necessity for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to keep roadways safe and functional every year. The PennDOT estimates that 100 different projects occur all over the state every year. In the process, traffic typically is able to continue traveling as roadwork takes place, but accidents are not uncommon in a construction zone. People who have been involved in truck accidents may be interested in a recent accident involving a tractor-trailer and a construction vehicle.

Construction vehicles were in the process of setting up guide rails and orange safety cones to begin directing traffic in anticipation of new work when the accident occurred. The actions proceeding the accident are unknown, but it is known that a tractor-trailer crashed into a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle became trapped and was subsequently injured. The truck driver also suffered injuries, and both drivers are expected to survive.

Construction workers and traffic flaggers report that it is not uncommon for drivers to speed through a construction zone. As well as speeding, flaggers report many drivers are distracted and are not careful as they drive through placing all workers and nearby individuals at risk. The PennDOT encourages all drivers to avoid cell phone use, to buckle up and slow down for the safety of all people on the roads and any workers that may be nearby.

Distracted driving is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in today’s society, resulting in car and truck accidents. Any accident can lead to costly and permanently debilitating injuries.  Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are familiar with the complexity facing an injured individual and can advise the best plan for possible compensation to relieve any resulting financial burden.