Truck accidents: Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike results in injury

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

There are numerous reasons why a vehicle may have the need to pull over and park on the shoulder of a busy highway or freeway. A crying baby, a flat tire, engine trouble or medical emergency are all many reasons that may necessitate the need for a driver to make the decision to pull over to the shoulder. Most drivers who have stopped on the shoulder of a busy road would likely attest that they would wait to the nearest exit if they could, because of the danger of all the fast moving vehicles near their stopped vehicle. Sadly, a van driver who had to park on the side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was unaware that he or she would be involved in one of the area’s serious truck accidents.

Late at night, a van was parked alongside the Pennsylvania Turnpike for unknown reasons. An approaching tractor-trailer crashed into the van. The events leading up to the crash have not been determined, and the investigation is pending.

Two victims were seriously injured. It is not reported if both victims were occupants of the van or if one of the victims was the truck driver. An emergency helicopter was used to transport the victims for emergency care. There is no current report of the victims’ conditions.

Accidents that occur on the shoulder of a busy roadway are complicated. In addition to understanding who is liable for the accident when it occurs on a shoulder, truck accidents have their own complications. Truck companies are often difficult to deal with when it comes to understanding the traffic laws they are required to follow. Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are equipped with the experience to handle claims with a truck company and/or motor vehicle insurance. If appropriate, attorneys may advise filing a lawsuit in civil court to seek compensation for documented financial expenses related to a crash.