Drunk driving: High-risk drinking anticipated with game days

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Another exciting college football season is around the corner for Penn State fans. In addition to football games, a new college semester and an influx of new students, Pennsylvania law enforcement and paramedics anticipate an increased number of young adults participating in high-risk drinking. High-risk drinking can result in an increased risk for sexual assault, assault and drunk driving.

One paramedic company reports that it typically receives between 25 and 40 calls every football game day. As many as half the calls are alcohol-related. In some cases, individuals have consumed too much alcohol and are in need of comfort care. Some individuals require treatment in a medical facility while others only require the assistance of a sober friend. 

Alcohol sales have significantly increased in State College since 1998. The sales have increased as much as 231 percent, prompting some to propose increased taxes on alcohol in hopes to reduce the incidence of high-risk drinking. With the majority of the population in State College between the ages of 18 to 24, police note it is an age demographic with an increased rate of high-risk drinking.

Law enforcement also reports that 70 to 75 percent all of all crime in State College involves alcohol. When a young person is accused of drunk driving or some other crime associated with high-risk alcohol consumption, the potential consequences on an individual’s future are significant. In order to understand all the potential consequences and the best way to approach a defense, many individuals facing these circumstances turn to an experienced attorney in Pennsylvania for advice.