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When rainy days in Pennsylvania lead to personal injury lawsuits

Slips and falls in public places happen often, and for the majority of people, injuries sustained may prove minor. Yet some individuals fall due to slippery floors in grocery stores or malls and face serious injuries that may prove life-threatening, and these individuals may require significant compensation.

Man charged with theft of $63,404 from a soccer association

Stealing money is often portrayed as a bank robbery or other elaborate heist in movies. In real life, it can occur in a number of ways, including embezzlement. Often, the theft of funds through embezzlement occurs over a period of time in small amounts, making it difficult to track. No matter the route of theft, the criminal consequences are similar, and charged individuals are often in need of a skilled attorney. A 51-year-old Pennsylvania man has consulted a criminal defense attorney, following official charges that he stole $63,404 from a soccer association.

Assualt: Woman charged with running boyfriend over with vehicle

Relationships can bring out the best and the worst in people. It is unknown what may have sparked an argument between a Pennsylvania couple, but whatever the disagreement was, it has resulted in assault charges for one woman. She has been accused of running over her boyfriend with a vehicle as well as an attack on emergency workers.

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