Man charged with theft of $63,404 from a soccer association

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Stealing money is often portrayed as a bank robbery or other elaborate heist in movies. In real life, it can occur in a number of ways, including embezzlement. Often, the theft of funds through embezzlement occurs over a period of time in small amounts, making it difficult to track. No matter the route of theft, the criminal consequences are similar, and charged individuals are often in need of a skilled attorney. A 51-year-old Pennsylvania man has consulted a criminal defense attorney, following official charges that he stole $63,404 from a soccer association.

The 51-year-old man served as a treasurer to a soccer association in Pennsylvania for a period of several years. During his time as treasurer, he was the only treasurer and was in charge of a debit card and checkbook for the association’s accounts. The other board members for the association began to become suspicious when the man would not provide financial reports. Eventually, he was reported to the police.

Reportedly, the accounts had accumulated to as much as $68,585 in 2011 and had been reduced down to $89 when the investigation began in 2017. Allegedly, the treasurer admitted to using $63,404 of the soccer funds for his personal expenses on his automobiles, food and vacations. He reported that he was under personal financial stress with credit card debt. Official charges were filed against the man for theft, receiving stolen property and unauthorized use of a device. He has not been placed in jail as he awaits further hearings, and his attorney reports that he has been cooperative with the authorities as they investigate the case.

No matter how theft occurs, it is a serious crime and is not taken lightly by the criminal justice system. Individuals who face similar criminal charges often find that securing a skilled Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney is in their best interest. Attorneys can advise on the best strategy for defense, negotiate with the district attorney and advocate for the client no matter the outcome.