Icy winter weather conditions cause injury

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Slip And Fall Injuries |

Pennsylvanian winters can be treacherous for many reasons. As winter sweeps in, it often brings snow, ice, sleet, hail, and more along with it. People who are out and about this holiday season should be aware of the dangers that this weather can bring, such as an increased chance of slip-and-fall incidents.

FindLaw defines a slip-and-fall accident as one that involves a person tripping, slipping, and falling on someone else’s property. This is quite common in winter, especially as snow and ice begin to collect on all paved surfaces. Sidewalks and parking lots can be particularly dangerous, as black ice tends to form there. This type of ice can’t be seen by the naked eye, which means it can be missed when sand or salt is being laid out.

Weather.gov lists out some of the other common winter weather dangers that may affect shoppers. They point out that cold temperatures can cause frostbite, wind chill, or even hypothermia. This can be relevant to the people who wait outside in long lines before stores open up, a common practice to get items that are known to sell out quickly. Hail can also be a potential hazard. If shops don’t have overhangs, it’s possible for shoppers to get hurt while moving to and from their vehicle.

Being injured while shopping due to winter weather and the poor handling of tough winter conditions is enough to put a dent in anyone’s holiday mood. Financial compensation is an option that those suffering from injuries can pursue.