Falls are hazardous for a senior’s health

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Accidents Involving Seniors |

When Pennsylvania residents think about accidents that can result in serious injuries, they may not consider falls. However, falls can be especially dangerous for seniors. If people serve as a caregiver for an elderly parent, it is important for them to understand why seniors are more likely to fall and how these incidents can affect their health.

There are many hazards that might cause an elderly person to trip and fall. Medicine Net says that seniors might fall if they trip over toys and other objects that are lying on the floor. Steps and slippery floors can be dangerous for elderly people if they lose their footing, and a senior also might fall if he or she trips on loose rugs. Hallways with dim lighting can also be a hazard because a senior might not see objects on the floor until he or she trips over them. Falling can be dangerous for an elderly person because the fractures sustained in these incidents can sometimes threaten a senior’s health. Some seniors might break a leg or an arm, but falls can also result in vertebral and pelvic fractures.

There are many reasons people are more likely to fall as they get older. According to Daily Caring, a person’s eyesight typically declines as she or she ages. This can make it more difficult for a senior to identify potential hazards. Some elderly people lose the ability to walk or stand for long periods of time and their balance might also decline. Additionally, some seniors are not as flexible as they used to be and they usually have less muscle mass than when they were younger. This means that many elderly people might no longer have the strength to keep themselves upright when they slip or trip.

If people want to make sure an elderly family member does not fall, there are many steps they can take. It is a good idea for people to encourage seniors to exercise on a regular basis. If a senior needs a cane or a walker, it is also important to make sure he or she uses this walking aid properly. Additionally, people should ensure a senior sees a doctor routinely so they can catch vision or health problems early.