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Weather Related Traffic Accidents

According to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration there were over 5,890,000 vehicle crashes last year. Over 120,000 of those crashes were weather related. Meaning that the weather such as rain, sleet, snow, fog, cross winds and blowing snow or sand or a wet pavement contributed to the collision. According to the same publication nearly 5,000 people were killed and 418,000 were injured in weather related crashes.

What is a disqualification?

If you have a commercial driver's license in Pennsylvania, you could end up in a situation where you have a disqualification. According to the Department of Transportation, a disqualification is when you lose your privileges to operate a commercial vehicle. Essentially, you have your CDL suspended. Since most people use their CDL for employment reasons, this could be a serious issue. It is important to understand what leads to disqualification so you can avoid it.

Are all driving distractions the same?

With the widespread prevalence of cellphones that everyone has with them at all times, the topic of distracted driving is a familiar one. However, distracted driving is not a new problem. In fact, you and other Pennsylvania drivers may be interested to learn that dangerous driving distractions have been around for as long as motorized vehicles.

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