When a U-Turn is legal

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Traffic Ticket Defense |

When Pennsylvania drivers realize they have missed a turn, they may simply perform a U-turn. However, drivers may receive a traffic ticket for an illegal U-turn if they perform this maneuver in the wrong place.

Many drivers may think that a U-turn is an acceptable maneuver on the road. FindLaw says that not all U-turns are legal. Most of the time, there are guidelines that determine when drivers can use this method to turn around. If someone sees a sign prohibiting this maneuver, for example, a U-turn is illegal. Someone who makes this turn in this situation might receive a traffic ticket for making an illegal U-turn. Sometimes law enforcement officers may write a ticket because a driver performed an unsafe U-turn. This means that a driver may have had limited visibility, making the maneuver unsafe.

According to IDriveSafely.com, there are general guidelines drivers can follow to determine if a U-turn is legal. People usually cannot perform this maneuver if they are at a railroad crossing or on a one-way road. U-turns are typically illegal on roads with two sets of double yellow lines or a curb between the different traffic directions. Additionally, people may not be able to make a U-turn if they are in a business district or if they cannot see more than 200 feet beyond their car. 

There are times when drivers can make a U-turn without worrying about whether the maneuver is legal. People can typically use this method to turn their vehicles around if they have a green light or green left turn arrow or if there is a sign that says “U-turn only.” Additionally, drivers can usually make U-turns if there are no signs banning this maneuver.