Alleged hit-and-run causes vehicle to flip over

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Car & Truck Accident Injuries |

Injury is not a foregone conclusion in a car or truck accident, but a hit-and-run in New Jersey adds insult to whatever injury may occur. The victims of a hit and run can only attempt to recover damages if law enforcement finds the other driver. 

Authorities in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, have asked for the public’s help in identifying the driver of a pickup who allegedly fled the scene in reverse after colliding with an SUV and causing it to flip onto its back. The woman who was driving the SUV required transportation the hospital for injuries. According to law enforcement, the accident is still under investigation. Authorities have not indicated whether the driver of the pickup faces any criminal charges if identified. 

Witnesses describe the pickup speeding away from the scene, traveling backwards down two streets, while residents of the neighborhood rushed to the assistance of the driver of the SUV. Though the street is narrow, witnesses describe the pickup attempting to pass the SUV. Having nowhere else to go upon seeing another vehicle approach in the opposite direction, the pickup pushed the SUV into a parked car. 

Details about what happened next are sketchy, but the force of the collision seems to have sent the SUV airborne, flipping it over so that it landed on its roof. Three men who live in the vicinity, one with CPR training, pulled the driver out of her SUV. Ambulance drivers then transported her to the hospital. There is no further information available as to the nature and severity of her injuries or her current condition. 

Authorities have more tools at their disposal than ever to find and catch hit-and-run drivers, which means their chances of getting away are shrinking. If and when law enforcement identifies the other driver, the victim of the hit-and-run may want to discuss the possibility of pursuing damages with a personal injury attorney.