Why does injury risk increase with age?

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Every year there are falls that cause serious injuries and even death to the older population in Pennsylvania. Getting older comes with many new challenges in life, and falls seem to be one of the worst. While balance issues often take the blame for falls, they are not alone in making this type of accident one of the most serious for seniors.

Craig Press explains that falls are often incredibly serious because of the loss of bone density that occurs as you age. Specifically, once you are over the age of 65, your bones are much weaker than they were in your younger years. As bone density decreases, it becomes much easier for you to break a bone.

There is also a common health condition, osteoporosis, that will increase your chances even more of ending up with a severe injury after a fall. When you have osteoporosis, your bones lose density very fast. They become quite brittle, and it does not take much to break one.

As it is, when you fall, you often land directly on a bone. It could be a hip, a tailbone, an arm or an elbow. Wherever the impact is, you are likely to have a break if you are older and your bones are weaker. If you have osteoporosis, just the jarring sensation from a fall could break multiple bones.

It is highly likely if you suffer a fall after the age of 65 that you will end up with a serious injury. Not only will you have to deal with being injured and all that entails but also you will heal more slowly and have a larger chance of getting an infection. This information is for education and is not legal advice.