What if you are injured on someone’s property?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | Slip And Fall Injuries |

A premises liability case refers to any type of a case where a person is injured on the property of another. According to FindLaw, it can be a person’s private residence, a company’s property, a construction site or even public property. Just because you are hurt on someone’s property does not mean that you can automatically recover under the personal injury laws. 

In order to have a personal injury case, the law generally requires that you be able to establish that the owner of the property or someone who exerted control over the property was negligent in their conduct, such that it gave rise to the condition that you were injured. If you suffer an injury on someone’s property, one of the areas of relevant inquiry is if the property owner has medical payments coverage. In the context of medical payments coverage, sometimes property owners have that coverage. It is generally a lower amount of coverage. If they have that coverage, you may be able to submit your medical expenses for payments under that coverage, regardless of being able to prove if someone was at fault for the injuries. This can help to defray some of the costs related to an injury. 

If a person is hurt as a result of an obvious condition or defect on a property, meaning that it is so apparent that someone should see it and avoid it, the law provides defenses for property owners or people in control of a property where one of those conditions exists to protect them from liability. However, there are exceptions to those defenses.