PA implemented work zone speed cameras

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Speeding is one of the biggest contributing factors to fatal accidents. When it mixes with exhaustion, distracted driving or substance use, the risks climb much higher. A particularly vulnerable group in these accidents are contractors working on the streets. 

In fact, WGAL9 reports that 134 people died in Pennsylvania while working on the PA turnpike and other areas. To combat this, law enforcement made plans in October to mount speed trackers to vehicles. These then snap a photo of the license plate of anyone driving 11 MPH over the speed limit. 

The proposal 

The proposed consequences involved a warning letter for the first offense. The second offense would result in a $75 fine. After this, the driver would continue to incur a $150 fine each time they got caught. 

Drivers worried about getting caught off-guard should know that contractors intend to post signs warning them. Officials posted the radar devices toward the end of 2019 and allowed a 60-day grace period for drivers to get accustomed to them. 

What came into effect 

In March of 2020, ABC6 reported that law enforcement officers still struggled to get people to slow down. The cameras are now up and running on highways, but this recent article does not reference a $75 fine for the second offense. Instead, it mentions a warning letter for the first offense, followed by $150 fines every time thereafter. 

Authorities hope to remind commuters that while they do intend to issue violations, the real aim is to save lives. Roughly 43% of crashes in work zone areas result in injury or death. The good news for drivers is that the fines are civil penalties and may not result in driver’s license points assessed.