Drunk driving: Has there been a decrease?

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One of the most common things that drivers, both young and old, fear are drunk drivers on the road. This fear of drunk drivers is not without reason as states such as Pennsylvania and others in the union often report high numbers of drunk driving accidents each year. But is this fear still warranted? The following includes further information on this issue and why the numbers may be decreasing.


Only a few decades ago, getting into a vehicle and driving while intoxicated could only be stopped by either will power or a friend. This meant that the chances of getting into an MVA with a drunk driver were much higher. Fortunately, innovations in technology have provided drivers with many more opportunities to stop before they begin driving. The following includes some of the tech that has been introduced to the public:

  • Ridesharing apps
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Driver alcohol detection system

The numbers behind drunk driving

Drunk driving has clearly decreased, but what are the numbers behind it? According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, drunk driving has decreased an incredible 34% with youth drunk driving decreasing by a whopping 66%. In terms of underage drinking, that number has also decreased by 54%.

Accidents go viral

The demographic more like to be involved in a drunk driving accident are those below 30. Unfortunately, the dangers of this action are often not taken as seriously as it should without visual representations. Viral videos are believed to be one of the main reasons why people are now understanding the dangers of drunk driving and thus decreasing the numbers. Young drivers are simply much more aware as they are constantly being shown real-world accidents.

If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, either as the driver or the innocent party, it is important to obtain the services of an attorney. Doing so may provide you with a better outcome once everything is said and done.