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Assualt: Woman charged with running boyfriend over with vehicle

Relationships can bring out the best and the worst in people. It is unknown what may have sparked an argument between a Pennsylvania couple, but whatever the disagreement was, it has resulted in assault charges for one woman. She has been accused of running over her boyfriend with a vehicle as well as an attack on emergency workers.

Man takes daughter to eat ice cream; instead charged with assault

Recently, a Pennsylvania man took his daughter to get some ice cream at a Dairy Queen. Instead of enjoying some cold ice-cream on a hot day, he found himself in need of a criminal defense attorney. He has been charged with aggravated assault and other serious charges.

Pennsylvania man charged with assault following police chase

Adrenaline is a powerful hormone produced by the human body. It has been known to provide individuals with strength or endurance that he or she did not know existed in the midst of an emergency. On the opposite spectrum, adrenaline coupled with fear can lead to poor judgment and irrational reactions. One Pennsylvania man may have been influenced by his hormones when his alleged actions led to aggravated assault charges.

Assualt charges against some Penn State fraternity students

The extremes to which some fraternities and sororities haze new members has been the focus of many news media stories in recent years. The focus is largely due to deaths that occur when hazing is taken too far by members. Unfortunately, a Penn State fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, is among one of the fraternities whose hazing may have resulted in a student's death. As many as 26 students in Pennsylvania are defendants in the ongoing case, and many have faced serious felony aggravated assault charges.

Teenagers accused of intentional assault on classmate

More schools, administrators and parents have become more aware of the negative impacts of bullying on other children. Bullying is taken more seriously than in the past. Sadly, some situations escalate and result in harm to another person. In some circumstances, children may face serious criminal charges. Three young teenagers in Pennsylvania are facing serious assault charges for the prank they are said to have played on a fellow classmate and friend during school.

Man arrested for assault before NFL Eagles game

Some fans really love their football team. It is not unusual for fans to become rowdy at a sports event, especially when a championship is dependent on the resulting score. With the Super Bowl around the corner, National Football League Eagles fans are excited and many rallied together before the NFC Championship game. Unfortunately, one fan was arrested for an alleged assault on a police officer.

Mother allegedy stabs son in leg; charged with assault

There is a popular quote that many display in their kitchens that states "Don't mess with the cook." One Pennsylvania son, reportedly 35 years old, has learned in an unpleasant way the meaning of the quote. After an altercation in the kitchen with his mother, he was stabbed with a steak knife. His mother has been arrested and charged with assault

Pennsylvannia son charged with assault against his mother

Families frequently have disagreements over numerous things. Living together and knowing each other for years can foster anger and resentment unlike any other. Unfortunately, some arguments can become violent. One Pennsylvania man is likely consulting with a criminal defense attorney as he faces assault charges after an alleged physical argument with his mother.

Man charged with assault and resisting arrest after fight at bar

Recently, a bizarre sequence of events occurred in a Pennsylvania bar. The events led to the eventual arrest of a 53-year-old man and formal charges against him, including assault charges. He likely has a criminal defense lawyer to assist him, following his arrest and arraignment.

1 arrested, 1 wanted in Lancaster County assault incident

The early morning hours find most Pennsylvania residents at home asleep in their beds. Some, however, may delay going home following an evening out on the town. Following a few drinks, people may become louder and more boisterous. Recently, one man was arrested and another one wanted on assault charges following an alleged altercation in Lancaster County.

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