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When thoughts on drinking in college lead to DUI

When you arrived on campus at Penn State, you may or may not have ever consumed alcohol in your life up to that point. If you had, hopefully you were of legal age to do so. It's no secret that students often spend free time in college socializing with friends on or off campus. Many times, such gatherings include alcohol. The more you research about college drinking ahead of time, the better prepared you'll be to make informed decisions when the time comes.  

Would a physical impairment keep you from passing a FST?

Like other states, law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania use field sobriety tests to establish probable cause for a DUI arrest. The tests determine whether alcohol or drugs impair an individual. The problem is that "failing" these tests is much easier than you would think.

Don't spin your wheels after an injury-causing motorcycle collision

While the weather is cold and it's not riding season right now, in a few short months it will be. Motorcyclists have unique experiences on the road. Unlike passenger car drivers, they can take advantage of the freedom that comes with driving motorcycles. However, they also face dangers that other motorists do not have to worry about. 

A breath test is only part of the equation when it comes to DUI

You may admit that you had a couple of drinks before you drove home, but remain confident that your blood alcohol concentration is not at or above .08 percent, which is the legal limit here in Pennsylvania. When you submit to the breath test, the results prove you right. So, why did the police officer still place you under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol?

When hazing goes too far, will your child face charges?

If your son is a student at the Pennsylvania State University or any other institute of higher learning, you may be exceedingly proud of him for his efforts and successes, or you may be hoping that something will click for him next semester and he will buckle down and get to work. Either way, you are likely aware that this is a time of growth and opportunity for your child, and he is learning and doing things that go beyond lectures and study groups.

Here's a crash course in what to do following a collision

As you listen to your favorite morning tune and enjoy the freedom of being behind the wheel, you feel optimistic about the day ahead. However, all of a sudden, another driver carelessly crosses the middle line of the road and enters your car's path. You do everything you can do to avoid hitting this car, but the sound of crunching steel quickly reveals how unsuccessful you were. And just like that, your carefree morning has turned into a nightmarish start to the day.

The proof is in the evidence, which could be unreliable at best

If you are facing criminal accusations, chances are, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the process. Allegations alone can be exceedingly stressful and daunting, and with the potential gravity of a conviction, you might wish to protect your future by challenging the charges, but perhaps you are uncertain how to proceed.

Seeking damages for pain and suffering after a car accident

A car accident can change your life in many ways. In addition to the damage to your personal property and the medical bills you may be left with, your pain and suffering may be extensive. If your accident was the result of another person's negligent or reckless behavior, you could have a rightful claim to compensation for not only your financial losses, but your pain and suffering as well.

Unsafe roads are no happy trails for motorcycles

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast who has had your share of spills, the feeling of the bike slipping away from you isn't one you want to repeat. If your recent accident resulted from a hazard in the roadway, you are not alone. Many motorcycle accidents occur because of debris and other hazards in the road. While these objects may have little effect on a car or truck, even the smallest obstacle could derail a vehicle with two wheels.

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