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Man charged with theft of $63,404 from a soccer association

Stealing money is often portrayed as a bank robbery or other elaborate heist in movies. In real life, it can occur in a number of ways, including embezzlement. Often, the theft of funds through embezzlement occurs over a period of time in small amounts, making it difficult to track. No matter the route of theft, the criminal consequences are similar, and charged individuals are often in need of a skilled attorney. A 51-year-old Pennsylvania man has consulted a criminal defense attorney, following official charges that he stole $63,404 from a soccer association.

Theft: Director accused of stealing funeral funds

As people age, many choose to prepay for the majority of funeral expenses, hoping to reduce the burden on loved ones when they die. Not only is the funeral paid for, but many decisions are made ahead of time through the funeral home. One Pennsylvania funeral director has been accused of theft and mishandling of prepaid funds in excess of $500,000.

Man loses thousands to scam and is charged with theft

Money scams have been around for a long time, and new ways to con money out of victims are created frequently. In recent years, some scammers have formulated a scheme in which they convince victims to send them money in order to receive a larger payout of some sort. One Pennsylvania man is one of the many that have fallen prey to a scam and has recently been charged with theft due to his involvement.

Missing meatballs results in Pennsylvania man charged with theft

Criminal defense attorneys can probably attest to a wide variety of clients with an assortment of things they may have been accused of stealing. Typically, people steal things that signify wealth like money, accessories, vehicles and other objects considered of high value. One Pennsylvania man has been accused of stealing something of lesser value and is not even a permanent object. He has been charged with theft for allegedly stealing meatballs.

Math teacher accused of theft from student

People are accused of wrongdoings every day. While some allegations of crimes may have truth behind them, some do not. Because there is always a chance that allegations may be untrue, everyone has a right to defend their case. One teacher in Pennsylvania has likely sought the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney as she faces charges of theft.

Woman accused of theft after playing lottery game at work

Pennsylvania attorneys understand that it may be easy to fall into a situation where unintended stealing from an employer may occur. A woman was recently accused of theft from her employer, and she may face thousands in fines and years in prison. She is likely using the assistance of a criminal defense attorney to strategize her defense case in court.

Employer accused of withholding wages and charged with theft

Running a business can be overwhelming and difficult. In addition, some owners may discover they were not as skilled at running a business as they may have assumed. Lack of adequate accounting and managing can result in difficulties for a business and may result in the questioning of a business's integrity. Recently, a business owner was charged with theft after failing to pay employees.

Pennsylvania woman convicted of theft of $13 million

Handling large amounts of money and accounts for businesses can be complex. As well as having to manage large amounts of money, it may be tempting for an employee to justify taking some cash or for an employer to accuse an employee of theft when accounts cannot be reconciled. Recently, a woman's fate was determined by a jury in one of Pennsylvania's largest embezzlement schemes.   

Two Pennsylvania men charged with theft and insurance fraud

Unfortunately, being accused of any crime can be almost as damaging as being formally found guilty. Criminal charges may result in loss of a person's reputation, employment and strained relationships. Two Pennsylvania men who have been charged with theft, identity theft and insurance fraud and are likely seeking the advice attorneys as they navigate their case through the criminal court system.

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