A Message To Penn State Students And Their Parents

Students attending Penn State University often encounter minor run-ins with the law. Oftentimes they are charged with such criminal offenses like underage drinking, retail theft or disorderly conduct.

As a parent of a student facing any of these charges, it may be easier to simply have your child enter a guilty plea, pay the fine and move on with life. After all, it’s a minor offense and will likely have minimal impact on your child, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Minor Offenses Can Impact Your Child’s Future

Many minor offenses can have long-lasting effects. They will appear on your child’s criminal record, where they will be visible to future employers, licensing boards and even landlords.

At Lisko & Associates, we have assisted many college kids in similar circumstances who have concerns about their criminal record. We can discuss the occurrence and possible ways to mitigate consequences your child could face today and in the years to come.

Whether your child applies for his or her first profession job post-graduation, needs to secure an apartment lease or apply for a professional license, protecting your child’s future is vital in today’s competitive world. Let us help.

Contact our office to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys before taking any action with law enforcement– regardless of the offense.

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