Every day, people are arrested for assault in downtown State College. These charges are often based on alcohol-fueled incidents at bars. Of course, assault charges do not only arise from bar fights. They can also arise from domestic disputes between boyfriends and girlfriends, as well as any other situation in which someone pushes, shoves, strikes or even threatens violence against someone else.

With more than 30 years of criminal defense experience, Lisko & Associates is able to assist people who face these serious charges. If you have been accused of assault and you are ready to defend yourself against the consequences that you could face if convicted of this charge, lawyer Roy K. Lisko can stand by your side.

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‘Kids Being Kids’ Now Comes With Severe Penalties

The vast majority of assault cases are simple matters of kids being kids. College students have too much to drink, get into relatively minor altercations, and end up arrested and accused of assault or disorderly conduct.

Unfortunately, law enforcement and prosecutors don’t let kids off the hook just for being kids. Going to jail and paying a high fine are possibilities. In Pennsylvania, these charges could also lead to lost scholarships. These are penalties that attorney Roy K. Lisko strives to prevent.

Representation By A Former Police Officer And Criminal Prosecutor

Knowing how police officers and assistant district attorneys handle assault and domestic violence cases is crucial for criminal defense attorneys. Roy K. Lisko has that knowledge because he has held both positions. He uses that knowledge to craft defense strategies designed to protect the rights of people accused of assault. His goal is to see that this doesn’t become more than a bump in the road for you.

The law firm’s assault charge defense services are available to Penn State University students and staff, fellow attorneys and other professionals, as well as everyone else in Centre County and the surrounding communities.

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