What Students Should Know About Drug Charges

When you move from high school to a university like Penn State it is a time of experimentation. Unfortunately, some of this experimentation involves the use of controlled substances or illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. Even if not personally used, you may be in an environment where it is present.

If you are caught simply possessing a small amount of a drug the crime charged is usually an ungraded misdemeanor for which you will often receive probation. Of course, it is important to not be so quick to simply plead guilty and accept probation as you will want to contact a State College criminal defense lawyer like Roy K. Lisko to make sure that your criminal record is protected.

A delivery is not necessarily selling drugs for profit. Oftentimes friends think they are helping friends by securing some bit of marijuana for them. When the marijuana is handed from one friend to another it is a delivery which could result in a felony criminal charge. It does not matter that the person handing the marijuana to their friend is not making any money on the transaction.

Similarly, you may have a roommate who is selling drugs or buying them for his or her friends. When the time comes for the delivery of the drugs, your roommate asks you to hand them to the buyer as they need to go somewhere. Then when you hand the drugs to the third person, often an undercover police officer or police informant, a delivery takes place. It does not matter that you are simply handing over the drugs as you did not arrange the sale nor are keeping the money nor making any profit on the sale. Simply handing drugs to another person is a delivery which may result in a felony arrest.

At Lisko & Associates, we explore every possible defense in order to keep our client from facing a felony record with prison terms and permanent criminal records. Having an experienced attorney defend your rights against criminal charges could make a world of difference in your defense, possibly even resulting in your charges being reduced or dropped altogether.

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