DUI & Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Anyone accused of DUI faces serious consequences. For truck drivers and other commercial drivers, those consequences are even more serious. Whether charged with DUI while on duty or off, commercial drivers run the risk of losing their commercial driver’s licenses (CDL). Professional drivers who lose their licenses also lose their careers.

Are you a professional driver who has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) (now known as driving after imbibing (DAI)), Lisko & Associates in State College offers more than 30 years of experience. That experience can help you keep your career on the road.

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For truck drivers and other commercial drivers, drunk driving charges must be fought on two fronts. There is the criminal DUI charge itself. There is also the driver’s license suspension issue, which must be resolved by working through the administrative process outlined by the Department of Transportation Driver & Vehicle Services. Lisko & Associates is experienced in getting results on both of these fronts.

Truck drivers, taxi drivers, police officers, delivery truck drivers and anyone else who drives for a living can expect Roy K. Lisko to put forth every effort to protect their careers.

Representation From A Former Police Officer And Criminal Prosecutor

It makes sense to enlist a lawyer who has the experience of working inside the criminal justice system. As a former police officer, lawyer Roy K. Lisko knows what happens during DUI stops. He also knows about the mistakes that might be made, mistakes that can be used to improve the results of your DUI case. He is also a former assistant attorney general and assistant district attorney.

The most successful path to a positive outcome is not always a confrontation with the police and the district attorneys. Cooperation can result in a very favorable disposition for professional drivers accused of DUI. That is our goal: the best possible outcome.

The law firm’s commercial driver’s license DUI defense services are available to Penn State University students and staff, fellow lawyers and other professionals, as well as everyone else in Centre County and the surrounding communities.

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