Theft & White Collar Crimes

With over 30 years experience practicing criminal law, attorney Roy K. Lisko knows what it takes to conduct an effective criminal defense. He began his career as a lawyer prosecuting white collar crime cases in the Ohio attorney general’s office. He knows the criminal court system and judges in this jurisdiction, knows which defense strategies are likely to work and which ones won’t, and knows how to challenge the prosecution’s case to get evidence against you excluded wherever possible.

If you have been implicated in a white collar crime or charged with theft, you need an accomplished criminal defense lawyer right away. Call Lisko & Associates at 814-753-4413 today for a free initial consultation with a highly regarded State College attorney.

Roy K. Lisko provides strong legal defense against charges of white collar crime and theft, including the following charges:

  • Corporate fraud
  • Accounting errors
  • Sales tax violations
  • Cheating or stealing from corporations
  • Employee theft

Courts across the country are handing out harsher sentences in all criminal charges. When you face the long term consequences of a jail sentence and a permanent criminal record, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Lisko is diligent and thorough in the preparation of each case. He works closely with private investigators, psychologists, photographers and other experts, collecting facts and evidence that will best aid his client’s defense.

Lisko & Associates has a long history of providing skilled legal representation to other lawyers, judges, police officers and their families, as well as students at Penn State who have been accused of crimes. As challenging as it can be to find employment, why risk losing a job opportunity due to a criminal charge on your record?

The sooner you hire a criminal defense attorney, the more thorough your defense will be and the more options you will have. In some cases, attorney Lisko has been able to stop charges from being filed.

Defense Strategy

Sometimes the better way to handle a criminal case is through cooperation rather than confrontation with the police. Let’s face it, many times the person arrested by the police on theft or white collar crime charges did in fact do something that may have been criminal.

Over the years Mr. Lisko, himself a former police officer and prosecutor, has been able to successfully resolve criminal cases without going to trial or stirring up unnecessary publicity. The last thing most people charged with theft or white collar crime want is to have their face all over the media bringing attention to their problem.

To ensure your best defense, contact Lisko & Associates online or at 814-753-4413. He will be attentive to your personal legal concerns and fight vigorously on your behalf at every stage of your legal proceedings.