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Alleged hit-and-run causes vehicle to flip over

Injury is not a foregone conclusion in a car or truck accident, but a hit-and-run in New Jersey adds insult to whatever injury may occur. The victims of a hit and run can only attempt to recover damages if law enforcement finds the other driver. 

Negligent choices continue to claim innocent lives

It should be no surprise to any resident in Pennsylvania that driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol increases the chance of an accident because a person's ability to safely operate a car and make decisions is impaired when under the influence of alcohol. Similarly, there are reasons that speed limits are set for different roads and areas as it has been proven that driving any faster raises the risk of accidents happening. 

Why is Distracted Driving Awareness Month important?

It is wise to periodically refresh yourself on common traffic dangers. This is especially true for such a prevalent issue as distracted driving. You may actively choose not to drink and drive, but it can be easy to get distracted behind the wheel. In fact, you and other Pennsylvania drivers may become distracted without intending it.

Head-on collision on Pennsylvania Turnpike kills 2

Authorities responding to the scene of a head-on collision on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Saturday night said that the force of impact was similar to one car hitting a concrete wall at 140 miles per hour. Several vehicle occupants sustained injuries of varying severity, and both drivers are dead as a result of the accident. 

Are all driving distractions the same?

With the widespread prevalence of cellphones that everyone has with them at all times, the topic of distracted driving is a familiar one. However, distracted driving is not a new problem. In fact, you and other Pennsylvania drivers may be interested to learn that dangerous driving distractions have been around for as long as motorized vehicles.

How common is substance abuse among truck drivers?

Though it is common knowledge among Pennsylvania residents that abusing substances and driving do not mix, statistics show that today’s commercial truck drivers are using drugs and alcohol on the job at disturbing rates. Because the drivers and passengers of smaller, passenger vehicles are often those who suffer injuries when cars and trucks collide, substance-abusing truck drivers pose a particularly significant safety risk to the motoring public.

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