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Drunk driving: High-risk drinking anticipated with game days

Another exciting college football season is around the corner for Penn State fans. In addition to football games, a new college semester and an influx of new students, Pennsylvania law enforcement and paramedics anticipate an increased number of young adults participating in high-risk drinking. High-risk drinking can result in an increased risk for sexual assault, assault and drunk driving.

Man charged with his 6th drunk driving offense

Every criminal case is different. There are multiple factors to consider and laws that impact the charges in a case and sentencing that could occur if a conviction is secured. In particular, an accused's previous history often impacts how a drunk driving case will be handled. If it's the first offense, the potential consequences are less severe, but repeated offenses can result in more serious and longer sentences. One Pennsylvania man was recently charged with his sixth DUI offense, complicating his defense case.

Woman charged with drunk driving, assault and injuring sister

Some actions may feel harmless when they begin. When actions conflict with Pennsylvania law, an individual may face serious charges and consequences if convicted. One woman is likely speaking with an attorney about her recent arrest for drunk driving and assault.

Man charged with drunk driving after crashing into house

In today's society, there are cameras everywhere. Vehicles, homes businesses and people now often have cameras. Camera footage and documentation can be an asset to a defense case or an asset to the prosecution's case. No matter which side it benefits, a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can advise an arrested individual on the best defense strategy. One man was recently accused of drunk driving, and security footage captures his vehicle crashing into a brick house.

The effectiveness of DUI checkpoints in Pennsylvania

Checkpoints are designed for the purpose of catching individuals who may be driving drunk, but there are many in Pennsylvania who disagree with their effectiveness and dispute their benefits. A recent checkpoint in Harrisburg that stopped 475 cars resulted in just two arrests for drunk driving. There are varying opinions about why there were so few arrests compared to the total number of cars stopped.

Pennsylvania school bus driver arrested for drunk driving

Sometimes actions appear to be defiance when in reality they are not. One Pennsylvania bus driver was recently conflicted with choosing to obey the orders of police and the policy for school bus drivers. Because she attempted to follow her employer's policy, she has been arrested for resisting arrest. Unfortunately, her legal matters are more complicated because the officer also suspected she may have been drunk driving.

Man arrested for drunk driving while operating golf cart

There are often jokes about bicycle-mounted police officers' ability to stop larger, faster motor vehicles when traffic offenses may have occurred. In the same sense, it would seem ridiculous to evade police officers while traveling in a golf cart. Although it is not the typical vehicle one would imagine getting pulled over in, people in Pennsylvania can experience driving violations while operating a golf cart, including drunk driving. Two men from another state were in town enjoying the festivities of Blue-White weekend when they suddenly found themselves facing serious traffic violations from driving a golf cart.

Man arrested for drunk driving on way to court for DUI

Some circumstances in life can leave some people in a downward spiral. Some circumstances can seem impossible to recover from, including those that result in arrests. Unfortunately, drunk driving offenses are often repeated and a difficult cycle for some individuals to avoid. Despite seemingly impossible circumstances to recover from, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys can advise on the best approach to any defense even in what may appear to be a terrible circumstance. One man has recently found himself in a difficult situation when he was arrested while driving to defend himself for a previous criminal offense.

Drunk driving: Program to reduce underage drinking

In State College, Pennsylvania, there has been a recent initiative to help reduce the amount of dangerous underage drinking through a program called the Alcohol Source Investigation Project. Because colleges such as Penn State are full of students under the age of 21, it has become common for older students to purchase alcohol for minors. Unfortunately, it often results in large drinking parties, disturbance to the community, litter and sometimes drunk driving. State College authorities have been working with local alcohol dispensaries, combined with surveillance, to help reduce the incidence of alcohol purchased for minors.

Drunk driving: Some Pennsylvania DUI laws may need updating

The legalization of marijuana, no matter the form, has created an unanticipated need to change other laws in many states. Pennsylvania is one of many states where some laws conflict with other established laws, as some forms of medical marijuana are now legal. According to select data from one Pennsylvania county, arrests for drunk driving appear to be decreasing, but arrests for DUIs related to drug use appear to be increasing.

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