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Truck accidents: Crash injures construction worker

It is a necessity for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to keep roadways safe and functional every year. The PennDOT estimates that 100 different projects occur all over the state every year. In the process, traffic typically is able to continue traveling as roadwork takes place, but accidents are not uncommon in a construction zone. People who have been involved in truck accidents may be interested in a recent accident involving a tractor-trailer and a construction vehicle.

Truck accidents: Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike results in injury

There are numerous reasons why a vehicle may have the need to pull over and park on the shoulder of a busy highway or freeway. A crying baby, a flat tire, engine trouble or medical emergency are all many reasons that may necessitate the need for a driver to make the decision to pull over to the shoulder. Most drivers who have stopped on the shoulder of a busy road would likely attest that they would wait to the nearest exit if they could, because of the danger of all the fast moving vehicles near their stopped vehicle. Sadly, a van driver who had to park on the side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was unaware that he or she would be involved in one of the area's serious truck accidents.

Truck accidents: Motorcycle rider pinned under truck

Traffic comes to a standstill in Pennsylvania for numerous reasons. Debris in the road, wayward pedestrians, accidents and rubberneck drivers trying to glimpse something or someone nearby are all reasons traffic may be delayed. Unfortunately, many truck accidents are the reason for traffic jams and can result in serious injuries for any victims. A recent traffic jam has left one motorcycle rider injured after a serious crash with a tractor-trailer. 

Truck accidents: Distracted driving resulted in death

With the popular and common use of smartphones, distracted driving has become a major concern to many, including authorities and lawmakers. Many states, including Pennsylvania, have passed laws making it illegal to operate and use a cell phone while driving, but it continues to occur, resulting in car and truck accidents. A truck driver was recently charged with felony homicide following a fatal accident he was involved in last fall, and he has been accused of using his cell phone just prior to the accident. 

Truck accidents: Chain reaction crash closes interstate for hours

Many victims of accidents are unaware of the impact injuries can have on their lives. Because of the larger size of the vehicle, truck accidents can particularly result in lasting physical and financial complications for victims. Unfortunately, several Pennsylvania commuters were part of a chain-reaction collision following the crash of a large dump truck.

Ban hopeful to prevent Pennsylvania car and truck accidents

Motor vehicle operators know that weather can and will affect the safety of the roadways. The sun's brightness and thick snow can limit visibility. Rain and ice can result in slick roads. The Pennsylvania Department of Transpiration and the governor have recognized that some highways and interstates within Pennsylvania may be more dangerous than others in winter conditions. In order to prevent future car and truck accidents, a travel ban on certain vehicles is in effect until the weather improves.

Truck accidents: Man killed after crash into tractor-trailer

Because of the hazard they can pose to other smaller vehicles on Pennsylvania roadways, truck drivers and companies are required to abide by multiple regulations to ensure the safety of everyone traveling around them.  Although most of the regulations are well established, in many circumstances, drivers and companies neglect to follow them. Sadly, negligence can result in serious truck accidents often resulting in life-altering injuries and even death.

Truck accidents: Brake failure results in multiple collisions

Any time a vehicle has mechanical issues, it can be expensive to repair. When a vehicle has a mechanical failure in transit, it can be terrifying and can result in serious accidents. One of Pennsylvania's recent truck accidents appears to have been caused by the failure of brakes on a tractor-trailer.

Truck accidents: Tragic 9 vehicle accident involving semi

Handling the aftermath of even a simple motor vehicle accident can often be overwhelming and a source of stress for anyone involved. Processing a more serious accident involving injuries or death will understandably be a source of stress for many victims. One of Pennsylvania's recent truck accidents resulted in significant property damage, injuries and death.

Pennsylvania truck accidents: Bicyclist struck by dump truck

Many bicyclists would agree that the fall weather is perfect for enjoying bike riding. Not only are people enjoying it for sport, but some are using it for a source of transportation. Most all smaller vehicles on Pennsylvania roadways are at greater risk of harm when a collision occurs with a larger vehicle such as a truck. Motorcyclists and bicyclists are especially at risk in the event of truck accidents because they have no enclosed vehicle to frame and protect them as they travel. Sadly, one man recently died after a tragic collision with a dump truck.

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