Past Cases

Criminal Defense

A student attending Penn State University at State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania, was charged along with many other Penn State students as being involved in a conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs. These people were accused of selling a large amount of drugs on the Penn State campus and around the State College area. By fully investigating the case and obtaining clients work records along with statements from individuals, Mr. Lisko was able to prove the client had an alibi for the times when he was allegedly delivering drugs. Mr. Lisko presented this material to the police and the prosecutor in a way that persuaded them to dismiss all charges against his client.

A man was driving his car on the Penn State campus in State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania and had an accident. The police arrived at the scene and arrested the man for driving under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Lisko filed a pretrial motion arguing that the police could not prove when in fact the man had been drinking. Was it before or after the accident? Mr. Lisko proved that the alcohol consumption occurred after the driving and the police could not show otherwise. The charges were dismissed without a trial.

A student attending Penn State University in State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania was involved in an altercation and charged with assaulting another Penn State student. With the help of a private investigator, Mr. Lisko located witnesses that were unknown to the police. Statements were obtained from the witnesses, shared with the police who verified their accuracy and the serious charges against the student were dismissed. The student will no longer have a damaging criminal record.

An individual was charged with multiple counts of sexually abusing a young boy. After a thorough investigation, with the help of a private investigator, a forensic psychiatrist and a jury analyst, the client was found not guilty on all counts.

A client was on his way home from a tavern one evening after having consumed several drinks. He was involved in a motor vehicle accident and his blood test revealed that he was more than two times over the legal limit. After the client was found not guilty in a jury trial, the jurors commented the verdict was a result of cross-examination by Mr. Lisko that persuaded them to find the client not guilty.

A physician who was the head of his small corporation was charged with felonies involving false statements. Working with the corporate attorneys, Mr. Lisko was able to develop information which was presented to the Commonwealth’s attorney and all charges against the physician were withdrawn.

One of the most important aspects of any criminal case is protecting a person’s future and in particular their criminal record. If you are charged with a crime do not be quick to accept a guilty plea to what may appear to be a minor offense. Criminal records in Pennsylvania are permanent and can affect a person’s employment as well as their right to obtain certain licenses.

Automobile Accidents

A husband and father-to-be was seriously injured and his pregnant wife was killed by a negligent driver who had crossed the center line. After a thorough investigation and a vigorous prosecution of the negligent driver and the corporation for whom he worked, Mr. Lisko secured what was at that time the largest personal injury settlement in Centre County history.

A young child lost his mother when she was killed as a result of the negligence of a tractor-trailer operator. With the help of accident reconstruction experts, a structured settlement was completed that would allow the child to receive a substantial amount of money while at the same time taking the necessary steps to make sure that the money would be there for the child when he needed it.

Wrongful Death

A young man was riding in the back of a pickup truck when it flipped over and he was crushed by the truck. The family was immediately contacted by the negligent driver’s insurance company and offered a settlement. After a complete review of the insurance documents involved, Mr. Lisko was able to achieve a settlement that was five times higher than that originally offered by the insurance company.

Animal Bites

A young boy was attacked by a German shepherd who bit the boy in the face causing a large scar. Working with the reports from a plastic surgeon and using an expert photographer, the case was settled out of court and the money was placed in a special account where the young boy will have access to it when he is older.

Insurance Disputes

A man was seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision. After collecting all of the insurance from the negligent driver, Mr. Lisko made a claim for underinsured benefits on the injured driver’s own policy. The insurance company claimed that the injured driver had decided not to accept the additional uninsured insurance. After closely examining all of the documents and comparing the injured driver’s signature on his fishing license to his alleged signature on the insurance documents, it was discovered that the signatures did not match. The insurance company finally agreed to pay the injured driver the amount of the policy that they originally claimed he did not have.

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