Unsecured And Overloaded Cargo Pose Serious Risks

The purpose of semi trucks is to transport large or hazardous cargo. It must be safely secured before travel. If left unsecured, or if a truck is overloaded, a serious accident is more likely to occur.

If you have been a victim of trucking accident because of unsafe loading practices, Lisko & Associates offers personal attention from an experienced lawyer. Attorney Roy K. Lisko has over 30 years of experience handling truck accident cases. He understands how to secure justice for you.

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What Causes Unsecured Cargo Accidents?

Pennsylvania follows federal regulations for trucks engaged in interstate commerce. These laws contain safe loading practices for trucks and other large commercial vehicles. These include:

  • Properly distributing and adequately securing cargo
  • Securing the equipment used to fasten cargo
  • Ensuring that cargo does not obstruct the driver’s view or physical mobility
  • Inspecting cargo within the first 50 miles after beginning the trip
  • Adjusting cargo and securement devices when needed

Truck drivers traveling within the state need to follow similar rules for securing and loading cargo. If you have sustained injuries because a driver failed to secure cargo on the truck, an attorney can help you get full compensation. Attorney Lisko will help you pursue the best option for your case, which is often direct negotiation.

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