Great Advice & Fantastic Help

I would like to take the time to sincerely thank you for helping me through the process when I was seriously injured in a car accident. You gave me great advice as well as fantastic help in general. It would have been quite the disaster if I tried to handle all the legal situations myself.

Excellent Experience

I was struck by a post office truck while riding my motorcycle. The postal worker was at fault and plead guilty. Even so, the process of suing the federal government is extremely complex. There is no way I could have gone after them on my own. Roy handled all of the details and ultimately got a significantly larger settlement than I had expected. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service provided by Roy.

Roy Resolved the problem quickly and efficiently

Roy Lisko represented me for the first time almost 13 years ago, when my husband was killed in an accident. Roy won the maximum compensation for me and my family with the minimum additional emotional distress, that this sort of proceeding inflicts upon surviving victims. Since then Roy was an incredible help to me over the years on many occasions. I am senior and widow. For some outrageous reason many well-known and seemingly reputable companies, tend to engage in frighteningly predatory practices upon customers like me that may appear vulnerable. Roy resolved the problem quickly and efficiently. When a utility company was overcharging me, he also stepped in and resolve the conflict very beneficially and justly. Roy professional and friendly manner, his efficiency and kindness give me comfort and confidence. I recommend Roy wholeheartedly and without a slightest reservation, for serious as well as more minor legal predicaments that all of us face time to time.

Mr. Lisko is one of the best!

I have known Roy my entire life. Roy has always been there for my legal questions in my adult life. I don’t have first hand experience with anything criminal but I have heard that Mr Lisko is one of the best. If you are in trouble or have a legal situation I suggest you to call Roy!!!

Roy Lisko is your guy!

If you have a personal injury and are located in Centre County, Roy Lisko is your guy! He has helped many people in a timely and professional manner. I know he has also helped many community members as well as students deal with troublesome legal issues. His background and experience are truly impressive!

Professional and knowledgeable experience

Roy Lisko, has been a long time friend here in State College. He has helped many people over the years with their legal needs and does it with professional and knowledgeable experience. He has worked with students and local Centre County clients over the years and continues to do so!

Go to guy!

Roy Lisko is widely recognized as a top notch lawyer. My “go to guy” for all referrals in his state!

I was young and made a mistake. Attorney Lisko saved my career.

As a senior at Penn State, I got into some trouble after police raided a party I was throwing, arrested under-aged students, and found marijuana and paraphernalia in our house. I was in the middle of an internship and had all but been promised a career at the same firm. If I had been convicted of any of the countless charges brought forth upon me or my roommates, I would have lost that opportunity. Attorney Lisko was very knowledgeable and insightful, and during courtroom proceedings he ran the show. I felt proud that he was representing me. Thanks, Roy. You saved my life!

I was in a motorcycle accident near State College. Mr. Lisko brought me justice.

I was headed from Western PA to Eastern PA to meet some friends and head up north to Massachusetts for a long motorcycle trip weekend. I drove to through State College to meet up with a friend to drive to Philadelphia. I was driving on a rural road and around a bend when a pick-up truck tried to pass me. Another vehicle was coming the opposite way and the pick-up got back over quickly and clipped my front wheel. I flipped over the front of the bike and into an embankment on the side of the road. Luckily, I was wearing a helmet, but I still sustained several broken ribs, a concussion, a broken clavicle, and dislocated shoulder. The driver stopped to help and called an ambulance. When I found Mr. Lisko, he informed me that the man who hit me was a retired government employee who was well known in the area and that he had a lot of friends in the justice system. Attorney Lisko played hardball with the man’s insurance company and kept us from going to trial. He secured a generous settlement for me and my family for which I am extremely grateful. As a boilermaker, I would have lost tens of thousands in wages and probably even more in medical bills. With Attorney Lisko as my lawyer, my family and I are taken care of as I continue to rehab my injuries and try to get back on my feet. Thank you Mr. Lisko.

For a great outcome, hire Lisko!

Mr. Lisko thoroughly listened to my concerns and what I had hoped to get out of my case. Although he is a very busy man, he always found time to get back to my messages in a prompt manner. I felt like he cared about my needs and did his best to not only win my case, but set me up for success in the future. I would absolutely hire him again if I needed to.

Excellent Service

Roy Lisko provided criminal defense for me in 2013. Roy was very kind to my family and I was able to help me receive a lighter and less serious sentence. Roy will answer all of your questions thoroughly and make sure you know exactly what is going on. He is a veteran in this type of service and will go to great lengths to prove your innocence and argue on your behalf. Years after the incident I still contact Roy when I have any questions and he is happy to take my calls and help where ever he can. Roy is an excellent lawyer and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges.

Excellent service and outcome

When my son was in trouble at Penn State University we contacted Attorney Lisko. He spent a lot of time explaining all of the possible outcome to both my son and I. I felt very comfortable putting my son’s future in Attorney Lisko’s hands. When it was all said and done, we had the best possible outcome and could not have found a better lawyer.