Providing Trusted Criminal Defense In Happy Valley

With over 30 years of experience defending people against misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, Lisko & Associates has crafted exceptional and proven defense strategies. Located in State College, attorney Roy K. Lisko represents clients throughout Centre County and often defends students from nearby Penn State University.

Criminal defense attorney Roy K. Lisko commonly defends against criminal charges in Centre and surrounding counties, including:

In his diligent and thorough preparation of each case, attorney Roy K. Lisko often hires private investigators, psychologists, photographers and other investigators to assist him in the collection of facts and evidence that will best aid his client’s defense strategy.

Experienced Defense Counsel Can Make The Difference

Having an experienced attorney defend your rights against criminal charges can make a world of difference in your defense, possibly even resulting in your charges being reduced or dropped altogether. A seasoned attorney like Roy K. Lisko knows the criminal court system and judges in this jurisdiction, knows which defense strategies are likely to work and which ones won’t, and knows how to tunnel into the prosecution’s case to get evidence against you excluded.

Roy K. Lisko is an avid and thorough investigator, and will examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest, the documents charging you of the crime, the test you may have taken and more in attempt to have evidence suppressed and your charges dropped whenever possible. You have constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure, false arrest and other police errors that could clear you of charges.

Free Criminal Defense Initial Consultation

The consequences of any criminal charge can be ongoing and devastating to your future opportunities, especially for students making their start in the world. That’s why it is imperative to consult an experienced defense attorney immediately to begin establishing your best defense.

Lisko & Associates welcomes you to discuss your misdemeanor or felony charge during a free initial visit. Call us today at 814-753-4413 or email us now.